Haunted Houses, Halloween is not morally wrong

Home haunting, owning a haunted house or just enjoying the Halloween season is not against Christianity or moral error.

I have encountered people in life who feel that if you like Halloween, haunt your home, own a haunted house or watch horror movies, you are evil. I remember a man who lived a few doors down from my family in the early 2000s. One evening he began to scream at the picturesque suburbs that I need to "find God". (Ironically, I'm a member of a Methodist Church but he didn't bother to ask.) I'm sure he came on this box because he had been drinking and 2) my wife and I ran an online Halloween store and also decorate our home for Halloween. Enjoying the Halloween season is morally right, not wrong.

Owning a haunted house (or Halloween shop) is a way to make money and enjoy the Halloween season. Many people also "at home hunting". This is where Halloween lovers decorate their homes and laps, turning them into suburban homes. This is done to dress in shady costumes and jump out at neighbors and children who stumble through your garage or professional haunted is fun. It's fun for the actors and for the patrons. Haunted houses and home haunts are not built for the devil and love for death. They are created because the owners and actors love life.

In addition, it is easy to decorate your home with cobwebs, scary skull and scary bats for Halloween parties. I can honestly say that I have never thought of how happy darker will be when I decorate my living room for a party. I have never wondered if the devil should be happy that I picked out the rogue horror movies for a get-together. I often think, "Do I do enough to entertain party guests? Should this interior thank family and friends?" Yes, dark spirits can sit on the curve. They are not invited to my Halloween parties, and I am sure none of the parties have domestic helpers and haunted homeowners whom I can prepare.

How about trick-or-treating? Is it wrong? Will it taste the children's senses? I say no. I know many other Christians who agree. Some of my best memories of childhood are trick-or-treating with my parents through our neighborhood and even traveling to other relatives' homes to ask for the sweet candy. I remember approaching my grandparents & # 39; home several halloweens. Grandpa could be found sitting on her front steps that passes candy out to roaming-trick-or-treat. I remember him laughing and enjoying the happiness candy bought the light-eyed kids. I remember how much fun it was to approach him and other relatives, hold out my plastic pump and say "trick or treat !?"

No, there is no harm in loving Halloween, at home or owning a haunted house. Halloween is fun and a way to connect with friends and family. It's the way to enjoy life (and nibbling some candy)!